Bellew to Win Late Made Sense

Such is the life of a sports tipster – tearing what’s left of my hair out after suggesting Tony Bellew will cause an upset in his fight with David Haye with a late stoppage, but seeing Haye survive a sustained onslaught past the predicted round spread despite a debilitating Achilles injury. (Haye Has to Win Early)

I think we can call ourselves unlucky in this instance–that said, we don’t know what would have happened if Haye hadn’t suffered his injury, although rumours that he was struggling with a weakened Achilles earlier in the week had been part of the thinking.

Still, we can we learn from this bout. Maybe we were being a bit too ambitious in suggesting the 25/1 for the 7-9 round stoppage round spread. Taking Bellew to win, to win by a stoppage or to win in rounds 6-12 would still have offered healthy returns.

This is something to think about ahead of the inevitable rematch, sometime in the future when pension funds need boosting.

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