Sterling to Assist Again

On Sunday, we at Lap of The Odds HQ suggested punters look to Raheem Sterling to assist in the scoring of a goal as Manchester City took on Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. (Sterling to Offer an Assist)

That came in (A Sterling Cash Assist) , and, at the risk of sounding repetitive, this option still looks attractive tonight with City hosting Stoke at the Etihad.

It’s true that the odds of the event occurring have come in from Sunday’s 5/2 to 7/4. However, in the original analysis we noted that Sterling had contributed an assist in six of the last 10 games,  equating to odds of 4/6. Make that now 7 from 11 games.

On Sunday we calculated that as Man City were taking on the club at the bottom of the league this bet became more like a 1/2 shot. Now it’s true Stoke are a better side than Sunderland, but City will now be playing at home, and 1/2 still looks about right.

All in all, the 7/4 widely available still looks like a good bet.

Recommendation: Sterling to assist a goal at 7/4.

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