IPL Cricket: Bum worth pinching…

One sure sign of impending old age is the tendency to repeat oneself, and today’s IPL selection bears an uncanny resemblance to Saturday’s selection, which risks repeating ourselves, which we heard somewhere was a sure sign of impending old age…

The selection is Mumbai Indians’ death bowler supreme Jasprit Bumrah to be their top bowler.  This narrowly missed out on Saturday where an uncharacteristic early batting collapse left Bumrah three wickets behind his teammate McClenaghan before even taking the ball. He still bagged two, which so easily could have been three or more in the final stages.

He will face the same risk again, although the Rising Pune Supergiant (a remarkable team name notable for its lack of plurality) have a steady top order anchored by skipper Steve Smith that should weight wicket-taking towards the latter overs, and towards Bumrah.

The emphasis on spin in the Pune attack may blunt the early batting of the Indians, and place more emphasis on lower order runs. The more adventurous punters may like the 16/1 available for big hitting Hardik Pandya to top score for Mumbai – but as a team who like to chase there must be some risk that the runs are knocked off before the sluggers are called upon.

We will take a second swing at the Bumrah bet in hope of better fortune this time.

Recommendation:  Jasprit Bumrah, Top Mumbai Indians Bowler, 7/2 generally available.

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