Analysis: That’s Life…

In the immortal words of Sinatra,¬†“That’s life, that’s what people say, riding high in April, shot down in May…”

A fantastic weekend for this blog was followed by a sobering May Day, as injury and misfortune struck us aplenty.

Our injury misfortunes started with Mumbai Indians all-rounder Krunal Pandya, tipped at 16/1 to be Man of the Match, was beautifully poised having taking a couple of key wickets and coming to the crease with the chance to play a match winning knock, only to succumb immediately to a leg injury and retire hurt.

The same fate bestruck our football tip Philippe Coutinho, who barely lasted 10 minutes at Vicarage Road before injury struck again.

There will be football managers and horse trainers aplenty leaving us messages not to tip their stars at this rate (even more so than usual!!).

Long term profitability is a matter of exploiting fine margins, and it is timely, during a run of success, to be reminded of some of the risks inherent in a bet which are not always obvious in initial assessment, but need to be included in calculations.

Lady luck may have deserted us today, but then, as Frank says…”I know i’m gonna change that tune, when i’m back on top, back on top in June”…(or preferably sooner).

Stay tuned.


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