IPL Cricket: Crash Bang Wallop..

The second of today’s IPL games is a table-topping clash between the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders.

This should be a cracking clash with two line-ups who love to blast from the get-go.

In particular, the KKR opening pair of pinch-hitting Sunil Narine and blaster Chris Lynn throw the bat at every ball.

With a potentially rain shortened match, the chances of the opening ball disappearing to the fence is significantly higher in our view than suggested by the odds offered by Skybet.

They offer 10/1 that the first ball goes for 4, and 66/1 that it goes for six.  Narine and Lynn have no fixed pattern as to who faces first, Narine would be more likely to hit 4s, Lynn has the power for a six.

For Mumbai, Joss Butler’s final appearance before returning to England could encourage a blistering effort.

We will split our stakes and have half on the four at 10s and half on the six at 66s.

Recommendation:  First Ball of the Match:  A four, 10/1 & a six 66/1, both with Skybet.

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