Analysis: Who would be a sports bettor?

From the ecstasy to the agony…..

We had barely sobered up from Lilian Calmejane’s 33/1 success for us in Saturday’s Tour de France stage when Sunday’s mighty stage through the Jura mountains provided hours of spell-binding tension.

Once the yellow jersey group got racing it was clear that the breakaway tactics would be foiled, instead an elite group of the race’s best, stripped by a few crashes, emerged to fight for the spoils.

This exactly followed the script of our 50/1 each way selection Jakob Fulgsang who was indeed one of the six left after 5 hours to contest the sprint, and arguably the strongest rider left in that group for a sprint.  Expectancy, and heart-rates were on the rise.

When the kick came, it was Fulgsang and he went a couple of bike-lengths clear, we cheered as the camera panned out to show the finish-line – only to turn to cries of anguish – there were still 200m to go, and years of cycling-watching screamed “he’s gone too early”….

….sure enough, he ran out of steam and was overhauled – losing not only the win, but the each way which only required a top 4 finish from the group of six.  After a few howls of anguish (sorry neighbours), silence descended on Lap Of The Odds Towers.

Five hours of build up, destroyed in the last 15 seconds – how to be 99.99% right and yet 100% wrong!!  That empty feeling that makes you wonder why you ever try….

But hey, you’ve got to love it really. By late Sunday night, it was “where’s my phone”, there’s still some dirt racing in Argentina, US Collegiate ten-pin, and second division Mexican speedway, what does the treble pay????



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