July Results: How did we do?

Well July felt a lot like June, as a long and difficult summer on the horses was again partially rescued by some success in “fringe” sports markets:

The Headlines:

Bets Advised:  101

Points Profit/Loss:  -15

Pool Return: -15%

(Gross Return: -15%) (Pool returns and gross returns are discussed in the Our Results page of the site, where other month’s results can be accessed.  After review of historic strike rates, the pool was rebased to 100 units at the start of July, as such Pool and Gross results will, coincidentally, be much closer).

Horse Racing continued to offer little comfort in a tricky July.  The vagaries of the weather saw numerous non-runners (5 in one week for us at one point), and changing ground conditions.  Some unlucky runs were scattered amongst some poor picks, and ultimately it was each way returns that staunched the worst of the bleeding. Nonetheless, 21 of the 52pts staked were lost, and racing has slipped back to near breakeven since inception of the blog at the start of March.

Golf saw an almost washout, losing 15.5pts of 18 staked.  It is always hard to judge golf on small monthly snapshots, and we have lost out on a few last second changes of heart.  We will monitor closely the remainder of the season and take a view post the FedEx playoffs.  In aggregate golf remains 12pts up since inception.

Whilst there was no football, our “Other” sports saw a lot of activity, and a profitable Tour de France courtesy of stage winners Lilian Calmejane (33/1) and Edvald Bossen Hagen (7/1), supplemented by Tennis gains from Marin Cilic, saw a profit of 21.5pts from 31 staked.  Other sports have now contributed 29pts of profit since inception.

Whilst we don’t like to record losses, relentless winning is rarely plausible, and we like to think you need to take a few jabs on the way in to land the big shots.  We’ll be hoping to land a few haymakers with a busy August and September beckoning in core football, golf and racing markets, plus the opportunity to take a real world view of jabs v haymakers with the Mayweather/McGregor fight/panto.

Thanks again for your support.


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