August Results: How did we do?

The distinctive Summer pattern of gains in some sports being handed right back in horse racing continued, although that pattern looks set for change…

The Headlines:

Bets Advised:  114

Points Profit/Loss:  +1.5

Pool Return: +1.5%

(Gross Return: +1.5%) (Pool returns and gross returns are discussed in the Our Results page of the site, where other month’s results can be accessed.)

Our points staked rose as we started to properly embed multiple point (2pts and 3pts) staking units into our approach.

Horse racing had another difficult month.  Few highlights (Balko des Flos winning the Galway Plate), were drowned by a barrage of losing bets, resulting in a hurtful 45pt loss for the month.  All may have been different if Masham Star had maintained what looked certain to be a winning lead and hence land a 50/1 double at Chemlsford, but that, along with the defeat of our first two 3pt bets, were crippling blows.

In a pleasant symmetry, Masham Star himself returned to Chelmsford in early September to land a good win for our third 3pt bet, and indeed a fast start to September has clawed back all of August’s horse racing losses in less than a week.  Hopefully a welcome sign of a change in fortune.

The early stages of the football season were also expensive, contributing 17pts of losses in August.  Our preferred Man of the Match route was slightly thrown by some bias towards new signings/players, which we will bear in mind during future transfer windows.  The most egregious was when 2pt 9/1 selection Christian Ericksen dominated Spurs’ opening match at Newcastle, creating both goals, only to lose out to a teenage debut-making right-back who had precious little to do.  Pundit Alan Smith is off the Lapoftheodds Christmas card list.  Hopefully early season form will settle down now into a more predictable pattern.

August however was the month of golf.  Justin Thomas’ 40/1 win in the US PGA was enriched by the multiple points stake approach which allowed for a full 1pt each way.  Just a week later and Spanish sensation Adrain Otaegui was a 28/1 winner of the matchplay.  Add in some each way returns and it amounted to 66 points of profit, and that is without mentioning Jordan Spieth’s surrender of a last day 5 shot lead at the end of the month that robbed us of a further 26 points of gain.

Bring on September – a favourite racing month, football in full swing, golf in play-off season, and the NFL about to swing into play in our other sports.  It should be busy, eventful, fun and hopefully profitable.

Many thanks again for your support.


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