Premier League: Trebles and red cards

The weekend arrives, and thus new Premier League fixtures to tempt the gamblers in us.

We at Lap of the Odds HQ have long been of the opinion that the way to get value on the big clubs is to bet on them away from home against smaller opposition.

With this in mind Paddy Power have offered up an interesting bet, a crowd powered bet on Manchester United (away at Southampton), Chelsea (away at Stoke) and Everton (home to Bournemouth) all winning this afternoon.

Usually this treble would pay around 4/1, but Paddy Power is currently offering 9/2 and the more people that avail themselves of the bet the more the odds will rise.

The bet looks solid without the potential rising odd. United and Chelsea are in top form and would be expected to win despite having to travel, while Everton won well at home midweek and looked to regain some swagger.

Turning to today’s early kickoff, West Ham host Tottenham in what is usually an extremely competitive London derby.

We expect Spurs to edge the game but are not prepared to bet on this. Instead we will rely on the fiery nature of the game resulting in a red card.


Man Utd, Chelsea and Everton all to win, 1 pt, at 9/2 (but could rise), Paddy Power

Red card in the game between West Ham and Spurs, 1 pt, at 7/2, Paddy Power 

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