September Results: How did we do?

Like a giddy child coming off a rollercoaster, we can only say of September “again please, again, pleeeeaaase…”

The Headlines:

Bets Advised:  131

Points Profit/Loss:  +77

Pool Return:  +77%

(Gross Return +59%)  Pool Returns and Gross Returns are discussed in the Our Results page of the site, where other months’ results can be accessed.

Plenty to be delighted about in our best month yet, particularly pleasing being the positive contribution from every strand of the blog.

Horse Racing got back on track after a shaky Summer, recording 35pts of profit.  In truth that was mainly reached early in the month with the 3pt win on Masham Star (11/1), although good wins on Franny Nisbet (14/1), Potters Prince (8/1) and 2pts on Quatrieme Ami (4/1) helped offset the rest of the month’s picks, and we felt aggrieved with the defeat of our other 3pt pick Thundering Blue who might have won the Cambrigeshire had the race panned out more favourably. October has some promising prospects and has started well already.

Football finally kicked into action after a trying early season. Form has started to settle down, and a win on Sead Kolasinac (10/1) was the pick of a steady stream of wins that ultimately added 15pts to the monthly coffers. We have strong hopes going forward as the form and line-ups settle down, and we will be keeping a close eye on angles the bookies may have overlooked.

Golf continues to be our poster child, and after a stunning August we collected again when a full point each way on Matthew Fitzpatrick (30/1) contributed 37 points of profit. The final tally for the month was a 24pt gain after each of our Presidents Cup tips seemed to lose out to a single missed or holed putt.

Other sports provided a final 3pts of gains. The cycling season signed off well as further Vuelta Espana returns from Majka, Contador and Zakharin added to the Tour de France gains earlier in the Summer. A nice win on Johnny Bairstow in the cricket helped offset some early NFL losses which should be reversed now that season starts to settle down.

October sees some transitions of seasons in horses and golf, and we will be plotting carefully as we look to build on September’s success.

Many thanks again for all the support.  Please stay tuned.

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