Kerching!! Lucky subscribers collect…

It was the military and political leader Napolean Bonaparte who is reputed to have said he preferred his generals to be lucky rather than good.

Given this, the pint-sized Frenchman would have been putting our football tipster in charge of the Russian front after the events of this weekend.

On Saturday we surmised that Arsenal might put quite a few goals past Watford, and thus 11/2 was a good price for Grant Xhaka to provide an assist. (Premier League: Xhaka the Creator)

Instead Watford won 2-1, but Xhaka did indeed create Arsenal’s only goal, allowing our subscribers to collect.

And then on Sunday, we felt goals would be in short supply at both the Brighton/Everton and Southampton/Newcastle games. We suggested subscribers position for two goalless draws by also betting on a draw double. (Premier League: Bore draws…)

The games didn’t quite turn out as expected, but two late penalties, one scored by Everton and the other by Southampton, meant subscribers collected on the draw double, a nice 10/1 touch.

Hopefully our fortune holds as October continues!

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