Kerching: Man of the match rewards

Betting on football isn’t always easy. The bookies now have a mountain of data to turn to in order to form their odds – finding the edge is hard.

But one area we have found can offer value is the man of the match award in live games – usually a subjective decision from the co-commentator. And there are certain players, usually in the creative positions, which can be regarded as commentator’s ‘darlings’.

Two recent cases in point. On Sunday, we recommended betting on Alexis Sanchez to be man of the match for Arsenal against West Brom. (Premier League: Midfield magic) This paid off despite a 1-1 draw. And today, Pascal Gross rewarded subscribers at 8/1 in a 2-2 draw between Brighton and Bournemouth. (Premier League: Gross profit)

This is an area we’ll continue to mine.

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