January Results: How did we do?

A topsy-turvy month finishes just on the side of the good guys….

The Headlines:

Bets Advised;   79

Points Profit/Loss:  +5

Pool Return:  +5%


The basis for Pool Return is discussed on the Our Results page of the site, where previous months’ results can be accessed.

Horse racing had a relatively quiet month being somewhat weather impacted.  Still 4pts of profit from 46 staked was a fair result.  Of the five 2pt bets, only Vinnie Lewis triumphed but at a nice 11/2 that kept our premium bets ahead, albeit the agonising short head defeat of Bigmartre was the only thing that stopped a very good outcome in that department.  February has started well, and of course all eyes now focus on the build up to Cheltenham.  The annual Daniel Watkins Cheltenham Festival Guide is now underway with a posting date likely in the first week of March.

Football started January with a bang, with a succession of successful man of the match picks and raced ahead.  Momentum was slowed slightly by the disruptive nature of FA Cup team-sheets, and that’s a competition we will leave alone until the later stages.  8pts profit from 26 staked still represented a very strong month, with February shaping up to match.

Golf is still in the early stages of the season but already has doled out its fair share of frustration.  A small dabble of 5pts through January went astray, but Rory McIlroy throwing a 2 shot lead with 5 to play in Dubai essentially defined the month.  Our new strategy of adding a mid-way bet has paid off in February albeit the tone of immense frustration has continued for the most part so far.

Thanks again for all your support.





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