Kerching !! 10/1 Acclaim leads yankee charge…

You’ve got to love a horse in first time headgear – and blog subscribers surely did when yesterday’s nap Acclaim The Nation sported first time cheek-pieces for an all-the-way success at Thirsk.

Tipped at an opening 10/1 and eventually backed into 7/1, he also led the charge for the day’s Yankee that saw him joined in the winner’s circle by Sharp Operator (7/2) and Mango Chutney (7/2).

Only a second place for Zeshov prevented the grand slam, but still the Yankee paid out over 30 times total stakes.  It has been a long and patient wait for the Yankee strategy to pay off, so for those staying faithful – well done.

With good Summer ground hopefully prevailing, the coming months should be the Yankee sweet spot.  Stay tuned, you can see today’s Yankee here.

2 thoughts on “Kerching !! 10/1 Acclaim leads yankee charge…

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