NFL: Cooking up cash…

It’s the first Sunday of the new NFL season, and excitement is abound with all teams, in theory, still able to win the SuperBowl.

We at Lap of the Odds found it difficult to beat the bookies in terms of points spreads last season, and so we’re going to try a different tack – looking for personal performances. We tried this approach with Thursday’s opening game, and were extremely unlucky when trying to pick the opening touchdown scorer.

For today we’re going for an anytime touchdown treble.

This evening’s first live game sees the Minnesota Vikings host the San Francisco 49ers. The Vikings are the defending NFC North champions and have added to their offence by signing quarterback Kirk Cousins from Washington. However, it’s running back Dalvin Cook that we look to for a touchdown. He injured his ACL last season and has had a long rest, but has looked sharp in preseason.

The second game in question today sees the New Orleans Saints host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This has all the makings of a hefty home win, and thus a few touchdowns to play with. First choice running back Alvin Kamara and wide receiver Michael Thomas are both very short, so we’ll try back up running back Mike Gillislee to add gloss to the score.

Finally, later on the Kansas City Chiefs travel to the LA Chargers.  This should be a free scoring affair with the Philip Rivers-led Chargers always a handful offensively, and the Chiefs under starlet QB Patrick Mahomes looking to have a more buccaneering style. The Chiefs red-zone offence usually involves tossing it vaguely in the direction of the legendary tight end Travis Kelce and letting him do the rest. He probably will.


Dalvin Cook – Mike Gillislee – Travis Kelce: Anytime touchdown scorer treble, approx. 12/1 William Hill

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