NFL: Hunt the value…

The two most free scoring teams in the NFL both have mouth-watering home fixtures today.

First up are the devastating attacking weapons of the Kansas City Chiefs.  If it isn’t Travis Kelce, it’s Tyreek Hill or it’s Kareem Hunt or it’s any number of excellent fall back options.

QB Patrick “showtime” Mahomes has steered them to opening possession touchdowns on all but one match this season. The Chiefs like to defer the kick off, but if they hold the opening salvo of the Denver Broncos then expect the twin short yardage and aerial threat of Chief running back Kareem Hunt to register the first TD.

The unbeaten LA Rams host a stuttering Green Bay Packers.  The Rams are excellent on both sides of the ball and for all of QB Aaron Rodger’s individual briliance, this year’s Pack are not what they once were.

For the Rams, running back Todd Gurley has been the go to man all season.  He is particularly effective from short yardage as well as providing a pass option.

Expect the Rams to play to their strengths with Gurley likely to start the party with an opening TD.


Kareem Hunt (Chiefs), First Touchdown Scorer, 1pt win, 5/1 generally available 

Todd Gurley (Rams), First Touchdown Scorer, 1pt win, 10/3 generally available 

0.5pts win on the double, approx 25/1.

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