Kerching!! 8/1 The Lady is a champ…

Racing fans had only Punchestown for entertainment yesterday, but for blog subscribers that was plenty.

Headline nap Lady Writer advised at 8/1, (“Sunday Yankee: Follow the Lady..“) needed every yard of the three miles but was on top where it mattered to maintain a good run for our naps in 2019.

Earlier Yankee opening leg Sinoria showed similar grit to land odds of 6/1 in the novice hurdle.

A momentarily very exciting day frustratingly ended in respectable but defeated runs for the last two Yankee legs, denying the big time multipliers, but six times money stakes was still a fair return on that bet.

No racing til Wednesday.  We will bring forward this week’s Cheltenham Countdown piece for tomorrow when we will look at flu-based strategies !

If you haven’t caught our previous Cheltenham previews then click below…

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