Premier League: Goals proving hard to get…

There are three more Premier League games this evening for us to enjoy, and bet on!

We’ve been doing some studying of late, and of the 19 completed games since the restart 12 have been goalless at half time. Take away the obvious mismatches (Liverpool/Palace, City/Burnley and United/Sheffield United) and this becomes 12 out of 16 – i.e. a long odds on shot!

However, we can get 2/1 on a 0-0 score at halftime in the Southampton/Arsenal match and 6/4 in the Burnley/Watford game.

Together that equates to around 13/2 for the double, which seems like a pretty good price for us. Lump on.


Goalless first halves in Southampton/Arsenal and Burnley/Watford matches as a double, 1 pt, at approximately 13/2


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