Daniel Watkins Cheltenham Guide 2021

The waiting is over, and the 2021 Cheltenham Festival is almost upon us, after an interminable year of lockdown.  With it comes the latest edition of the Daniel Watkins Cheltenham Festival Guide, and you can access by clicking on the link below.  Good luck with your festival punting, and subscribe or follow us to get daily posts from the course with latest tips and news.

Cheltenham Festival Guide 2021

The Genesis of the Guide

I have been Festival obsessed since first watching Champion Hurdles as far back as Lanzarote and Comedy of Errors, and since first stepping on the track in 1989, never missing a day since.

In 2003 I started to write an annual guide, at that time a blissfully short scribble to accompany the racing and incentivise friends and family to show an interest in my favourite week of the year. I would say circulation for that first year was about 10 people.

The guide has since acquired almost a life of its own, and has acted as a huge incentive to study form in depth for fear of embarrassment each year. Even in recent years the direct circulation list is still not much more than 100, but I know from feedback, mostly very kind, that it passes along the grapevine to a good few more.

It’s always been a labour of love, and this year is no exception. The pursuit of winners in the guide has yielded great friendships, career changes, and a wife! So, even though I set down this road for free, it has been hugely enriching.

With the inception of this blog in recent years, it does add the opportunity to maintain a more live feed of views in response to changes in fields, going and sentiment. So please subscribe, follow or maintain a watch on the blog home page for postings from the course during the festival, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive latest updates,

Good luck as always