Our Results

Results are based on a scale between 1 and 3pts staked per bet as advised in each post.  We ourselves, naturally, back every selection we make on the site.

We consider that we run two pools.  Firstly the Nap Pool – consisting of any single bet to the stipulated number of points – and this is broken down between horse racing and other sports for analysis purposes as well as being measured as a combined whole.

Secondly is the daily Yankee Pool, by which each day’s yankee is measured as a single point outlay in total per day (in effect an underlying 0.09 stake per leg of the 11 leg yankee).

The following tables show the points profit or loss per month for the Nap pool, analysed between horse racing and other sports, and the yankee pool.

Percentage returns are explained in the note at the foot of this page.

2020 results to end may

2020 summary (so far):   Not a lot to say on the racing nap front, with a terrible Dublin racing festival in Feb largely offset by another good Cheltenham in March.  Whilst we haven’t hit a yankee full house in 2020, we have hit 3 winners on 5 occasions yielding equivalent returns of 50/1, 16/1 (twice) and 10/1 (twice) ensuring a strong profit for the yankees.  Our other sport naps have returned a small profit, as so often previously, a good priced golf win (Sungae Im 30/1) balancing the books.

2019 results

2019 Summary:  A great year on the horse racing front, with a barren November the only real glitch in a stellar season.  Whilst we nap daily, we also stake on every race at the key festivals:  Dublin, Cheltenham, Aintree, Punchestown and Ascot, and this is where we made hay in 2020 with around 80pts of profit across those events.  The individual highlight was a 40pt return for the last gasp win of each way nap Roaring Bull (33/1) over Christmas.  Those successes fuelled a bumper return with the rest of the year’s daily action chipping in with regular profits.

The yankee pool had a great 2019.  Two full houses (33/1 and 25/1), and a further 13 instances of 3 winners (including 40/1, 33/1 (three times), 25/1 (three times) were the highlights and helped propel the yankees to their best year yet.

Other sports had a turbulent year, fighting a struggle to find regular profit, but, as has often been the case, a long priced winner – step forward bearded golf Adonis Shane Lowry (66/1) – balanced an otherwise leaky book.

2018 results

2018 Summary:  We were concerned with volatility in our racing naps in 2017 and changed from sometimes tipping more than one nap a day to a strict daily nap, and instigating the daily yankee in Feb 2018.

In fairness, the horses were generally disappointing through the year, finishing above water in the naps pool primarily due to a 3pt nap of Blow By Blow (14/1) at Cheltenham.  The yankee strategy was a failure, but in our year end reveiw we determined that plenty had been learnt and it would be worth persevering in 2019 for a fuller reflection (which worked out well).

Sports remained volatile with two golf wins (Luiten 18/1, Molinari 22/1), some reasonable football results sporadically, and a rush of good NFL bets in December adding to a reasonable year.

2017 results

2007 Summary:  Our inaugral year was pretty decent.  The horse racing tips were massively volatile – in this year we often had more than one pick a day prior to the inception of the daily yankee in 2018.

A 28/1 winner in March and a 20/1 double in December lifted the horse naps to a fair simple profit – although the compound return was hammered by a string of poor results in mid-Summer.

Sports had an excellent year with 5 individual golf winners (Levy 25/1. Henley 22/1, Thomas 40/1, Otaegui 28/1 & Fitzpatrick 30/1) making sure of healthy albeit volatile returns and lifting the whole combined nap pool to an excellent annual result

Simple Return & Compound Return

Expressing the results of a betting strategy is generally done on a pool or kitty basis. This is similar to a concept of Return on Investment and provides a Compound Return.  The idea being that a certain amount is set aside, the investment, this is split into a number of unit stakes, bets are placed, and returns are expressed as a percentage movement in the pool over a period of time.

In our case our period is a calendar month, and we use 70 unit stakes for horse racing naps and 70 units stakes for other sports (and hence 140 unit stakes for the combined pool).  We use 50 unit stakes for the yankee pool.  These were determined initially as being approximately 2 months worth of betting stakes.

We reset our unit stake as 1/70th (horses, sports) or 1/50th (yankee) of the current pool at each month end – as such returns are compounded monthly.

The tabulated results show compound returns for any given year.  The life to date compound returns are shown in the return tickers (to be added shortly).

Simple Return is the profit expressed as a percentage of gross amount staked in a year.  This is a measure to note, but less relevant than the pool return.  An example to illustrate this would be if you took £100 to a Blackjack table and gambled for 5 hours and came back with £150, you would consider this a 50% profit (a pool based return).  You would not add up all the amounts staked during the game (lets say £500) and consider it a 10% profit (a simple return).