Our Results

We will be logging our results on this page each month.

Results are based on a scale between 1 and 3pts staked per bet as advised in each post.

We ourselves, naturally, back every selection we make on the site.

Gross Result   2018:  + 56.5    Since Inception:  +187.5

Pool Return    2018:  +53.5%  Since Inception:  +300%

(monthly compounding pool return basis)

Monthly Results – 2018

May 18: Bets 69 Results  +27    Gross Return + 39%  Pool Return +27%  Commentary

Apr’18:  Bets 100  Results -26   Gross Return  -26%  Pool Return  -26%  Commentary

Mar’18:  Bets 96  Results +14    Gross Return  +14%  Pool Return  +14%  Commentary

Feb’18:  Bets 75   Results +36.5 Gross Return  + 48%  Pool Return  +36.5%  Commentary

Jan’18:  Bets 79  Results +5        Gross Return +6%  Pool Return +5%  Commentary

2017 (from inception Mar 17)

Mar ’17:  Bets 99     Result +20.75  Gross Return +21%.  Pool Return +21%  Commentary

Apr  ’17:  Bets 110   Result +32       Gross Return +29%.  Pool Return +32%     Commentary

May ’17:  Bets 116   Result +17.25  Gross Return +15%.  Pool Return +17%  Commentary

June ’17:  Bets 108   Result – 14.4    Gross Return  -13%.  Pool Return – 14.4%  Commentary

luly ’17:  Bets 101   Result -15.0   Gross Return -15%.  Pool Return -15%  Commentary

Aug’17:  Bets 114    Result +1.5    Gross Return +1.5%  Pool Return +1.5% Commentary

Sept’17:  Bets 131    Result +77     Gross Return +59%   Pool Return +77%  Commentary

Oct’17:  Bets 95   Result  -19   Gross Return -19%  Pool Return – 19%  Commentary

Nov’17:  Bets 105   Result +2   Gross Return +2%  Pool Return  + 2%   Commentary

Dec’17:  Bets 96  Results +29  Gross Return +30%  Pool Return  +29%  Commentary


Pool Return & Gross Return

Expressing the results of a betting strategy is generally done on a pool or kitty basis. This is similar to a concept of Return on Investment.  The idea being that a certain amount is set aside, the investment, this is split into a number of unit stakes, bets are placed, and returns are expressed as a percentage movement in the pool over a period of time.

In our case our period is a calendar month, and we use 50 unit stakes through til the end of June 17 and rebased to 100 unit stakes thereafter in recognition of strike-rate and the introduction of multiple point bets

We reset our unit stake as 1/100 of the current pool at each month end – as such returns are compounded monthly.

Gross Return is the profit expressed as a percentage of gross amount staked in a month.  This is a measure to note, but less relevant than the pool return.  An example to illustrate this would be if you took £100 to a Blackjack table and gambled for 5 hours and came back with £150, you would consider this a 50% profit (a pool return).  You would not add up all the amounts staked during the game (lets say £500) and consider it a 10% profit (a gross return).